OXOS Medical, Inc. focuses on accelerating innovation in orthopedic imaging. OXOS manufactures the Micro C, the world’s first handheld x-ray for use in clinical and surgical orthopedic care scenarios. Micro C pushes x-ray to the point of care, enabling musculoskeletal imaging with greater clarity, safety, accuracy, and speed.

OXOS Medical is building a world-class team of engineering talent with the goal of redefining surgical and clinical care of all musculoskeletal injuries. OXOS is proud of its challenging and rewarding work environment. OXOS leverages a hybrid work-from-home, office, and lab structure to give employees flexibility in their environment. Every OXOS employee constantly strives to improve their own output and the output of their team to further advance our overall mission of fast, efficient, and safe patient care.

If you are internally motivated to continually hone your craft and improve those around you, we would love to have you on our team.